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Saluting our veterans


November 6, 2015
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Aurora Community Elects New Board Members

Congratulations to the APS Board of Education members who were elected on Nov. 3.*

Board members Dan Jorgensen and Cathy Wildman have maintained their seats on the APS Board of Education.  One new member, Monica Colbert, will be joining the seven-member Board.  

Monica Colbert

Monica Colbert

Dan Jorgensen

Dan Jorgensen

Cathy Wildman

Cathy Wildman

The APS Board of Education is a group of citizens elected by voters to provide leadership and establish policies for the school district. The seven-member board is elected at-large. Members serve four-year terms and receive no monetary compensation.

Board meetings are generally held on the first and third Tuesdays of each month at 6 p.m. 

*Based on election day results. Final election counts are being certified by Adams and Arapahoe counties.

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APS Military Veterans Proud of Time in Service

Veterans Day

As Veteran’s Day approaches, Aurora Public Schools is honored to salute all veteran and active military personnel for their dedicated service to our country. APS is privileged to have many veterans working to help students shape successful futures. Here are a few staff highlights: 

Verlean Coman


Verlean Coman
Clerk, APS Communication Department
United States Air Force – 4 years
“My best memories of being in the Air Force involve building lifelong friendships and solidarity with fellow service men and women, and the excitement and honor of knowing my contributions as a munitions troop helped bring to fruition the global mission of the United States Air Force.”


Major Kent Cast

Maj. Cast

Maj. Kent Cast
AFJROTC Senior Aerospace Science Instructor, Gateway High School
United States Army – 6 years; United States Air Force – 20 years
“I have so many incredible memories from my military service. Most of my unit returned to the states on a chartered flight in March 1991. As we started walking to the terminal, a large number of New York City police officers lined the bridge, clapping and slapping high-fives with us. As we entered the busy terminal, everyone stood up and started clapping. The incredible display of gratitude caught us all completely off guard and we all walked to our next gate in complete silence, too moved to speak.”

Brent Sphan


Brent Spahn
Director, APS Transportation Department
United States Marine Corps – 27 years
“My best memories are associated with the dedicated people that I served alongside. Perhaps my year in Afghanistan sticks out the most because difficult situations can bring out the best in a good team, and I was part of a great team. Everyone was committed to the mission and each other.”


Chris Vann


Christopher Vann
Truancy Coordinator, Division of Equity in Learning
United States Air Force – 21 years
“My best memory was being stationed at Lowry Air Force Base. I was a Supply Systems Technical Instructor, responsible for providing training for all Air Force personnel. I had the opportunity to meet airmen from all over the world and share life-changing experiences. If I had not been stationed at Lowry, I would never have worked for Aurora Public Schools or met my friend and mentor, Roy Smith (of Aurora Hills Middle School).”

Saluting America
As part of the Saluting America program, APS students are joining others from several Colorado school districts to honor our nation’s veterans and active duty military. Students will participate in a tribute contest, sending special tribute cards and hosting various school activities. To learn more about Saluting America, visit salutingamerica.org.

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Join APS at a Nuggets Game for a Good Cause

Gather your family and friends to join Aurora Public Schools for a community night at a Denver Nuggets game.  A portion of every ticket purchased will benefit the Aurora Public Schools Foundation, APS students and programs.  You can purchase tickets at http://www.nuggetstix.com/aps1120/

We hope to see you there!

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