We help provide responses to media inquiries, including preparation of statements and training staff spokespeople. If reporters contact you or if you have a story that you wish to promote, please contact:

Corey Christiansen, Public Information Officer
APS Communication Department
Aurora Public Schools


All news media inquiries regarding the district or its school sites should be referred to the APS Communication Department. These guidelines apply to all staff members and contractors employed by or for Aurora Public Schools. The goal is to provide the media with the most timely and accurate information and ensure the best use of staff time.

The APS Communication Team will identify staff members who will serve as spokespersons and provide talking points and conduct mock interviews to prepare them for media response. The APS Communication Department encourages staff members to share story ideas that communication staff can pitch to the media.

If you have any questions about these guidelines, please contact Patti Moon, APS Chief Communication Officer, at 303-365-7805.